Having an Exotic Car Rental in Miami Will Make Your Friends Green with Envy

There is no better feeling in the world than being on vacation. Here, you can let your hair down and escape the mundane activities you are obligated to perform in your real life. A vacation is a time to splurge on things you would never dream of buying when you are in your home town. Planning your vacation is probably one of the most exciting parts next to actually going. You will be exposed to many activities and bits of history that you may have never even known to exist. Saving money to get to go on vacation is one of the trickier parts of this experience, but it will be completely worth it in the long run. Not only will you have a chance to relax, but you will also get to enjoy some of the finer things in life that simply are not available in your home town.


Choosing important activities to participate in on your vacation may leave you feeling overwhelmed. There will likely be many things for you to do while you are away from your home town. If you plan your vacation to southern Florida, then you may want to investigate an exotic car rental in Miami. Having an exotic car rental will probably be one of the most exciting things you have ever done. It will be worth every single penny you spend when you see the looks on people’s faces as you drive by in your Lamborghini or Ferrari. Complete strangers may approach you and want to talk about your car and how you have the privilege of driving such a fine automobile. When you tell them it is a rental, they will be blown away!

When you return home from your amazing vacation, you will certainly have a very awesome story to tell your friends. When they hear about how you got an exotic car rental in Miami, they will certainly want to know more about this trip and why on earth you ever came back! They will want to know every single detail of how it felt to be behind the wheel of such an awesome work of art. They also may be extremely jealous of the opportunity you had to cruise the streets in your exotic car rental in Miami. Just tell them they will have to come along for the ride next time so they can see for themselves.

Surprise Him with Some Exotic Car Rentals in Miami, Florida on His Birthday

Your husband’s fiftieth birthday is right around the corner and you certainly want him to have the absolute best time on this special occasion. Everyone you know is buzzing in your ear about possible scenarios for this special birthday celebration. You have narrowed it down to Miami, Florida. You know this area is particularly lovely and will hopefully be the most perfect birthday gift to make him feel just a little bit younger. Your bags are packed, you are about to get on the plane and both of you could not be any more excited. Little does he know you have a special surprise up your sleeve for the very first night you are there? You have secured an exotic car rental to ride in to dinner!


You are spending the entire week in this lovely city, but you will celebrate his birthday the very first night you arrive. You do not tell him much other than he should get dressed up because you are going to a swanky dinner. Little does he know, you have been a little sneaky band his back and found a way to secure an exotic rental car in Miami, Florida? He will be so excited that he gets to drive a brand new Lamborghini to dinner!

You want the surprise to be just perfect. As you are getting ready for your big night out on the town, you cannot help but smile from ear to ear. He keeps trying to get you to spill the beans, but you are being very stoic and you swore to yourself you would not tell him! When you enter the elevator to meet your “cab” downstairs in the hotel lobby, you look at him and wish him the happiest birthday of all. All of the sudden, the elevator doors swing open and he sees a beautiful bright red Lamborghini sitting right in front of the doors into the hotel. The engine is revving and you can tell this car is ready to go. Of course your man is practically drooling. As you walk by the car, the valet tosses him the keys and you swear he is about to have a heart attack as he catches them. He looks at you and you tell him to enjoy driving his exotic rental car in Miami and that you really hope he does not get too out of hand behind the wheel of such a powerful machine.

Luxury Car Rentals in Miami, FL: Treat Yourself to the Finer Things in Life

If you are planning a trip of any sort to the beautiful city of Miami, you may want to consider stepping it up a notch during your stay. This happening city is a hub for all things lavish and opulent. Celebrities come here to party and certainly make sure they are seen while visiting this city. This usually involves some luxury car rentals in Miami, FL. They may have the exact same car back in their home town, but it is too much of a hassle to ship somewhere for just a few days, so they decide to rent one instead. Nothing beats showing up to the hottest night club in town in your Ferrari. Every single person there will notice you and want to talk to you.

Luxury Car Rentals

While in Miami, there are many things to do. You can shop downtown, roller blade practically on the beach or charter a boat to take offshore. While on your exciting adventures, you are bound to bump into some people along the way. If these people are locals, they will tell you how many famous people they have seen all around this city. They may even have a funny little story to go along with their sighting.

When you finally decide to jump on board with the rest of the hip crowd, you will want to get in touch with a rental company who can give you access to a vast selection of luxury rentals in Miami, FL. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but the car you are driving may be pretty close to that price tag! Your luxury car rentals will catch the eyes of every single person you drive by. You would think these people are used to seeing such nice vehicles on the road, but seeing such extravagant works of art never gets old.

Luxury Cars on Rent in Miami

Luxury rentals in Miami, FL can be seen all over the city. Along with the Ferrari you just rented, you may even want to check out some of yacht rentals or even a mansion rental. After all, you are in a city that bathes in decadence on a regular basis. Around every single corner downtown, you will find seaside rental mansions or luxury condos. This is all valuable information if you plan on visiting this city and truly enjoying yourself while you are there.

A Luxury Car Rental in Miami May Convince You to Relocate

You have been holding out all year long for the summer to take that perfect vacation that leaves a lasting memory. Everything is done: your bags are packed, and you are on your way to warmer weather in Miami, Florida. Upon arrival, it is as if you have made a wrong turn and ended up in Hollywood, from the skyscraper mansions and exotic cars to the glitz and glamour of everyone walking down the street. Then, you see it – sleek, low and slow – that one luxury car that has always captured your attention. So the journey begins: Find that luxury car rental in Miami. After thinking about your options, you have decided there are several luxury vehicles you would not mind driving around! Whether it is a Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, or whatever it may be, it is the one you have always seen yourself in, and you have located one available for the day. Sitting behind the wheel, you instantly feel like you’re part of the elite of Miami.


Luxury car rentals in Miami can take what would have been a nice, relaxing vacation in the sun and turn it into a vacation that leaves a lasting impression for the rest of your life. Here, you will experience things that you never thought possible back in your mundane existence in Nebraska. You have unearthed a side of yourself that you are not familiar with, but definitely want to get to know better! As you cruise down the streets in your luxury car rental, you will notice that people take a liking to you. People are naturally drawn to things that exude elegance, opulence and style. Your fine piece of machinery is no exception to this rule.

Bentley | Luxury Car Rental

By choosing to partake in a luxury car rental in Miami, you will certainly find that this vacation has quickly turned into the lifestyle you desire to live. With luxury around every corner in Miami, it is easy to be captivated by the city and its people.

At the end of a much-needed vacation that did not last long enough, you will return to Nebraska feeling like a new man. Your energy is boosted, your mood is elevated, and you will be ready to start planning your next trip to this exciting city. Next summer just cannot come fast enough! Who knows? You may just want to move to this new playground you have discovered.

An Exotic Car Rental in Miami Will Spruce up Your Trip

If you are planning a trip to the Miami area, there is an endless list of fun activities for you to enjoy. Not only is Miami one of the most happening cities in the world, but many wealthy and famous individuals flock here to enjoy the sand, sun, and crazy night life. Your vacation or business trip will likely be full of amazing adventures, but a great way to enhance your experience is an exotic car rental in Miami. Cruising the streets in one of the fanciest cars in the world is a great way to become noticed and to treat you to one of the finer things in life. Not only will you be able to feel the wind blowing through your hair in your exotic convertible, but you will also feel the horse power these vehicles are capable of.

Exotic Car Rental Miami

An exotic car rental is well worth the money. If you show up to one of the most popular clubs in downtown Miami in your personal car, you may not gain access into the club. However, when you roll up in your exotic car rental in Miami’s most happening club, you may just receive celebrity treatment and go to the front of the line! After being welcomed into the club, you will find a variety of beautiful people enjoying fine cocktails and dancing their socks off. If you play your cards right, you may just get invited to an after party at a swanky Miami mansion.

Exotic Car Rental Miami FL

It is always important to look the part when you are cruising in your exotic car rental in Miami. Not only do you have a hot sports car for people to ogle, but you will need a matching outfit to look as expensive as your vehicle. Jeans and T-shirts are comfortable, but when you are classing it up in a fancy car, you may want to spruce up your wardrobe to match. An elegant business suit or gorgeous cocktail dress just may be the piece of the puzzle that brings everything together for you to enjoy a remarkable and unforgettable night on the town. Just make sure you have enough time the following day to recover from your late night partying.

At the end of your vacation or business trip to Miami, you will certainly have a lot of fun experiences to share with your friends when you return home – so many that it will leave you counting down the days until your next trip.

The Family Vacation Just Got Even Better With Exotic Car Rentals Miami

Remember how your supremely demanding boss made you work your overtime during your annual vacation this year? Or, do you recall how a bad bout with the flu brought the whole family down and caused you all to miss your Spring Break trip to the beach last spring? Then there was the car that broke down right before fall break that ate up every last bit of your mountain weekend funds. Yeah, it hasn’t been a great year for getting away, and we are guessing you’re remembering that all too well right about now as you watch the weather forecast. They’re calling for 2 feet of snow or more this weekend. Yippee.

Ferrari F 430 Spyder

So, back to that vacation you and the family are in desperate need of. Yeah, seeing as how you have absolutely no intentions of being snowed in for weeks at a time now seems like a better time than ever to book those flights south. Miami, Florida here we come! No boss, or sickness, or stupid vehicle is going to stop you from making it to your destination this time. So start packing, and tell the neighbors you won’t be back until the New Year, because you guys are so out of here.

Exotic Chevrolet Corvette Car Rental in Miami

Speaking of vehicles, while we’re on the subject, why don’t we talk about getting you and the family an incredible luxury vehicle while you’re in town? The last time you guys actually got to take your vacation you were stuck in a musty, old, and dirty minivan all week. You paid way too much, smelled way too much, and endured the pity stares of way to many people. Not this time though! An incredible exotic car rental Miami could only offer is going to save you guys this time! This is going to be the greatest trip ever.

You hop online after buying the plane tickets and come across the city’s most elite luxury car rental service. As you browse through their amazing lineup of sport utility vehicles and luxury sedans, you can’t help picturing you and the family riding around South Beach in style in one of these bad boys. There is enough room for everyone, enough comfort and style to please you and your husband, and plenty of wiggle room for the kids. You couldn’t ask for more! Now you’re just wondering if you can get away with putting it on your company card. Your boss owes you after all.


Looking Your Best and Saving Money When It Comes To Luxury Car Rentals Miami

The art of any successful business deal is not concerned so much with the big picture as it is with the little details. It doesn’t matter how splashy your presentation is, if the suit you are wearing has seen better days or the coffee you are serving is bland as can be, the client you are trying to win over is not going to be impressed. Making sure you look like a winner is something that needs to be paid attention to 24/7 while you are making your pitch, and that includes the luxury car rental you use to transport your client around, from back and forth to the airport to driving to the meeting locations and taking them out for a night on the town. There are many options for luxury car rentals Miami and you need to make sure that you make the right selection that conveys the image you are looking for while still being practical. After all, every successful business gets that way by keeping a close eye on their nickels and dimes. Enter the Mercedes-Benz E350.

Elite Luxury Rentals prides itself on being the industry leader when it comes to exotic and luxury car rentals in Miami and the greater South Florida market. Part of what makes them so successful is having the right car for every situation. They understand that sometimes it is important to make a great impression on a budget that may need to be stretched. That is why they offer a wide range of options. Just like every other car that they make, the Mercedes-Benz E350 is designed to same high standards of both performance and luxury, so that from the moment you first lay eyes on it until the last time you turn off the engine, it continues to impress and outperform even your wildest expectations. When you arrange for a Mercedes-Benz E350 rental, you can do so with the confidence of knowing you are driving one of the finest cars on the road. More importantly, your clients will immediately know just how successful you are as they assume that a car as luxurious as the one they are being driven around in could not possibly be as affordable as it is.

Business in Miami has a much different set of rules than anywhere else, and if you want to be successful there, you need to know how to play the game. Rule one is that you always need to make a great impression. That is why luxury car rentals Miami is the only option for you. Leave the standard fleet sedan to the other companies that don’t want to win, and take your clients out and about in the finest luxury Miami has to offer.

Miami Yacht Rental Services Make Your Summer Vacation Sizzle

People everywhere are flocking to Miami for their summer escapes this season. What are they doing when they get there, you ask? You would think the perfect, white beaches, sensational restaurants and the cities hottest clubs would be at the top of everyone’s lists. You would be wrong. In fact, it is what’s going on offshore that is creating the biggest summer buzz. Miami yacht rental services are hotter than ever and everyone wants in on the action.

Corporate big wigs, celebrities and anyone with deep pockets are taking advantage of the rentals services provided by Miami’s top charter operations. Anything and everything you desire can and will be provided for your luxury nautical excursion. Whether it is authentic, Latin cuisine prepared and served by an award-winning chef or first-class services being provided to you and your guests by an elite team of cruise members, your heart’s desire can be met by any of these prominent leaders in the yachting industry.

Luxury Yacht Rental Services Miami

Half day and full day options are available. Take potential clients out for an afternoon jaunt around Miami’s harbor. Take in the city’s skyline and soak up the sun, all while leaving a lasting impression that is sure to seal the deal for any business proposal. How many of us can say that we celebrated a birthday on a luxury cruiser? Charter a yacht in Miami and make that dream come true. Pop some bottles, take a dip in aqua blue waters, and dance the night away aboard your very own, private club.

Looking for more than a day’s worth of boating fun? Weekly rates are available as well. Take a trip down to any of the Caribbean’s jewel islands. Show the kids a true pirate adventure around Florida’s keys. Take a private and relaxing sail down the coast with that special someone. Taking an offshore vacation is the trip of a lifetime and one which you’re sure to come back again and again.

Miami’s yacht rental services are on everyone’s summer hotlist for fun, sun and the luxury vacation dream. Throw an unforgettable birthday bash, wine and dine top business executives or create the perfect island getaway for you and your family. Professional services and superior cruisers are available for any desire and need. Heat up your Florida holiday and indulge in the luxury lifestyle that only Miami is truly capable of providing.

It’s Time to Think about Limousine Rental Miami

Renting a limo has always been a classic way to arrive to any event, in style! However, many people may not know how to go about renting a limo. There are several things one should know before renting a limousine; this article’s purpose it to guide potential renters through the ins and outs of a limousine rental Miami.

There are several types of vehicles to choose from, when looking at limo rentals Miami In order to pick the type of vehicle that is appropriate for you, one must look at the number of people and type of event they will be renting the limo for. Obviously, for a larger group renters need to choose a limo with sufficient space to seat everyone comfortably. Also, a wedding may demand a higher end type of vehicle as compared to a simple day trip for the family. One should always use personal preference as well, when pick the type of vehicle they wish to rent.

There are usually several different types of vehicles one has access to, when looking at limo rentals Miami! Different types offered to renters include: sedans, standard 6-12 passenger limousines, SUV limousines, 18-20 passenger hummer limousines, small shuttle buses, coach buses, and classic cars. Sedans for rent usually consist of town cars, but can sometimes include Mercedes or specialty sedans. SUV Limousines typically include navigators, escalates  and excursions. Please note every rental company is different and every rental company will have a different set of vehicles for rent to choose from. Potential renters are encourages to shop around different rental companies and look at the selection each company offers; finding a rental company that has several different types of vehicles to choose from will give the renter more options to choose from.

Choosing the right rental company is the last major decision one must make, when looking at limousine rental Miami. Choosing a limo rental company can be difficult of you doesn’t know what to look for. One should always shop around; compare several different companies, before choosing one. Look for companies that don’t spring hidden fees on you. I may be a good idea to ask family or friends which rental companies they trust. Choosing a rental company that has great customer service is also a good idea; this should make your overall rental experience more pleasant. Follow these simple tips and you should be able to find limo rentals Miami, that will satisfy all of your personalized needs.

It’s Time to Think About a Lamborghini Rental Miami

So you are thinking about a Lamborghini Rental Miami? Or perhaps you are searching for a different luxury vehicle to rent for the week? Renting an exotic car is not only cheaper, but it also gives the consumer a chance to experience the top performing cars in the industry for a fraction of this price! Choosing the rental vehicle and the rental company carefully is the trick to renting a vehicle that you will love! Read on for tips on how to spot the best rental company for your needs, as well as for tips on how to choose a rental that you will love!

Exotic CarsLuxury car rental companies usually have several types of exotic vehicles to choose from including coupes, convertibles, sedans, and SUVs! Several name brand models, such as: Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Rolls Royce are also available! Renting of these high-end, high-performing vehicles, instead of buying it, will save the consumer a substantial amount of money! A Lamborghini rental Miami, is a top choice among exotic car renters! Choose the make and model carefully and consult the rental company about any questions you may have about operating the vehicle; this canpotentially save consumers a lot of money by avoiding accident or damage fees.

When looking at luxury car rental, Miami, one must be cautious about hidden fees and rates. Services such as: GPS, 24 hour roadside assistance, training, pick-up, and delivery are often included in the rental package; however not every rental company includes these services in their rental package, be aware of which services are free and which services you have to pay for. Some rental companies also try to stick their customers with hidden rates and fees. It is crucial that everyone looking to rent an exotic vehicle explicitly ask for all rates and fees up front.

When purchasing a luxury car rental Miami, it is also a good idea to pick three rental companies to compare; consumers should pick the most trustworthy companies with the best customer service. Choose your rental company wisely to avoid additional fees and bad customer service.

A Lamborghini rental Miami, is one of the top choices among renters today! The Lamborghini is a staple of the exotic car genre known for its high-performance, top speeds, and great handling! However, there are several other exotic cars available to rent as well; consumers should pick their rental vehicle on their own personal preferences. Rent a vehicle you want to rent, choose your rental company wisely, and ask about fees and rates up front and you should have no problem renting the car of your dreams!